Monday, July 6, 2009

Quest for the best hamburger, entry 1

Growing up I remember that my Dad was perpetually on a quest for the best hamburger ever. We would drive miles to find the unknown hole-in-the-wall with the burger that was sure to satisfy his craving for the All-American charbroiled sandwich. Some would be greasy, some would be dry, and some would be pretty dang delicious.

While I do love a good hamburger, I don't quite share the zest for finding the perfect burger that my father had. But maybe I'll continue his quest, now that I'm think about it!

Either way, quest or no quest, I did extend my hamburger experiences to include the new mushroom swiss burger from McDonald's. And my official review: don't do it! The burger (as are all fast-food burgers) was dry, with a gob of mayonnaise and a heap of mushrooms (and no lettuce or tomato, like I had hoped). The problem is, however, is that at the end of the day, it's still a McDonald's burger, and certainly not worth the $3.99 I paid. The bun IS better than the other McDonald's buns, but do you really go to Micky-D's for the bun? NOPE!

I just realized over the long weekend I actually sampled 4 different burgers, so I'll continue!

Thursday night at Harry Potter night, I had a Steak-n-Shake cheeseburger. As far as fast food places go, this might just be my favorite thus far! It was greasier than my most delicious home grilled burg, but for some reason it was completely satisfying and glorious, greasyness and all!

Finally, on Friday I went to Red Robin with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I'm not sure if I've been to Red Robin before, but I was excited to see what kind of burgers it had to offer! My uncle and I split 2 burgers: the teriaki burger and a cajun burger. While the teriaki burg was best, neither would be worth driving far to get... But it was fun, and delicious after a long day at the winery!

So, as for these three burger places, I'd have to say Steak-N-Shake wins, hands down! BUT nothing compares to Jakes or Kellars.... Just in case you were wondering.... :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vouching for a murderer? Pack a squirrel!

I'm going to take a moment and publicize my love for squirrels. I like them. I think they're cute, and have the best flouncy tails, and I like watching them run around. They're funny when they fight with each other over nuts. They're smart enough to know that they can eat birdseed and not have to scavenge for food. They're 1/2 my favorite animated character ever... SKRAT!! They're like puppies, except smaller and related to rodents... Heck, I even used to walk up to the neighborhood pet store as a kid to see and blow on the flying squirrel that was waiting to be adopted (flying squirrels, by the way, chirp and gurgle and squeak if you blow on them- it's cute!). But...


Apparently the lady in the video was being questioned by police when out pops a squirrel from her bosom. I mean, I've got nothing. Just watch :)