Thursday, January 13, 2011

When is enough enough?

So I've decided that perhaps I'm a bit too connected. I've always been pretty accessible, but as I was just filling out my Yelp profile and then tweeting it (while opting not to FB it), things began looking a little absurd. I remember last month a friend was helping me get in contact with someone about a potential job. In the course of an hour, we communicated in no less than four different ways. He texted me to tell me to get on gchat. So I did and he told me what the details were. Then I called him with a question because I was driving and shouldn't gchat whilst operating a vehicle. Then I emailed him the resume. All of this within an hour. A bit ridiculous, no?

In the wake of this (and other similar incidences) I have since began tweeting regularly, joined and use four-square and just signed up for Yelp. All of this in addition and connection with my usual facebooking.

Since the beginning of the year I have used all of my new-found social media-ness twice in a productive way. Once to meet up with some friends (which the meeting was mostly to say I used social media to get with them) and once to read reviews of a restaurant I was about to go to.

So the question is, how much more connected could I possibly be? And furthermore, do people actually care about what I think or where I am at any given moment? As a media professional I feel like it's literally my job to keep up with all of these things, but I'm interested to see how long all of this lasts, and what the next new thing will be. Not to mention, as a culture, how will the need for constant approval/attention affect the kids growing up in this environment? Are we creating more diva's or are we really contributing to a more global society (instead of the look out for #1 mentality we've seemed to develop here in the States)?

Just something to ponder (and perhaps something to study when I eventually get started on my master's/PhD). How much is too much?