Friday, September 24, 2010

Random thoughts for the day

Wow.... So much for writing more often... it's been 22 days!!!!! That's like, three weeks and 1 day!!! (Which, incidentally, is exactly one week and one less day then the time I have left before activating SF!!!!!!!!)

Yes, I'm visiting San Fran. You probably know this b/c I won't shut up about it. I'm so excited!!! Have only been to Cali once, and fell in love and am hoping to fall in love all over again! My bestie is coming with me and we're staying with another really good friend that I haven't seen in waaaaaaaaay too long. I even bought a new jacket (and a new dress, but we'll see about the dress....)I would show you a pic of the jacket, but alas I got it from the most glorious website and now can't find a pic :( Perhaps I'll model it once it arrives. But here's the questionable dress!! It's by none other than my most favorite Michael Kors!

Slash now I'm not posting pics b/c I don't think either of my purchases will be here in time for the trip. Oh well!

Also, my store's closing, so you won't be privy to anymore creeper or men in heel stories. Not sure if you should be glad or sad about this.

Luckily, I do have another small freelance gig lined up (that I said I'd do for free, so we'll see what happens) doing something that I actually really love! HOORAY!

But now I have time to do The Stewpot again, and I signed up for a volleyball team. Oh- And I am "training" to run in the Colon Cancer 5k at the end of next month! And by run I mean walk. Maybe some jog. But I'm working on it. GO ME!

Finally, I just learned that in the life of my blog, it's been read in the following countries: US, Canada, Russia, China, the UK, Singapore, Germany, Denmark, Norway and France! I'm quite the global author.

So that's that.

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