Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stella vs. the DDP

I have a plant at the office names Stella.

So today she was looking a little dry and I wondered if she would enjoy yesterday's leftover Diet Dr. Pepper. My colleagues told me that it would be MURDER if I infused her soil with some of the good Dr. I disagree and decided to do a little research....

The effects of diet soda on potted plants:

According to wiki answers, The preservatives in diet coke actually preserve the plant and help it grow.

According to the 2006 science fair project of a Ms. Natalie M. Garcia, "the Coca-Cola plants died quicker, grew smaller, and did not grow more leaves. The plants that were given water stayed about the same height and grew a few more leaves. The plants that were given nothing ended up dying very quickly and they dried up very quickly. Also Coca-Cola causes for a foul odor to develop in the soil of the plants and for flies and ants to come and invade the plants.

As you can tell, my findings are inconclusive. If I notice a change in Stella over the next few weeks, I'll keep you posted.

Until then, I stand by wiki answers, and suspect that Stella will be completely fine and continue her happy existence on the corner of my desk. (And sometimes on the windowsill)

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