Monday, August 2, 2010

Some cocky reflections

I have been called many things in my life. Beast, rude, negative, control-freak, Vajana, the list goes on and on and on. Some things of course stand out, but then there are names I'm sure I have been called that I can't remember at all. With all the name calling that goes on in one's lifetime (or quarter of it), there is one thing that I can say I'm honestly pretty glad I'm called.


I've been told I'm cocky, confident, aggressive, full of myself, and every derivative thereof. But I have to say, I'm proud of myself for that! Of course I have my weaknesses, and there's countless things I wish to improve upon, but for the most part, I'm very content with myself. Overly content is more like it!

But here's why... (And I've said this since High School, so bear with me if you've heard it before)

I am my own biggest fan because, let's face it, most people in the world will tear you down at some point. There are enough people in everyone's life to say bad things about you. To tell you you're not good enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not confident enough, not enough... You name it, I guarantee there is someone who will be all to happy to insult you.

But my philosophy is this... There's enough people in this world to make me feel bad about myself. By George, I refuse to be another of them! There are things I excel at and things that I don't, so you better believe I'm going to toot my own horn when applicable!

So that's that. Yes, I'm cocky. Yes, I'm proud of it. No, I don't think I'll ever change. At least I hope I don't!

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