Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things that made me smile today

With the exception of a mild panic attack over nothing this AM, I found myself in an exceptional mood today! Here's why:

- Last night I believe I held the VISA equivalent of the coveted Black Amex... I felt it's power!
- My big toenail on my left foot is lookin' awesome today
- Last night I unknowingly liked my cousin's FB status, which she had copied from my blog
- This picture makes it seem as if I've climbed very high up a tree (I won't disclose actual climbing capabilities...)
- I'm taking the weekend off and heading to my fave TX town tomorrow
- While in said fave town not only do I get to visit a good friend, but we'll KAYAK! Tandem version. That means I'll be looking like this tomorrow:
- Two little girls that are in my store looking at handbags and shoes can't be older than the ripe old age of 10... Too cute!
- The fact that I had self control enough not to buy the DVF sarong that I wanted even though it was only $35. One does not necessarily NEED a sarong (regardless of DVF status and the internal coveting of anything by her), however one does need to be able to pay to go kayaking while in ATX!
- Going to Gap, trying on clothes that fit, and then deciding that I didn't like them enough to get them, and then actually putting them back. Did I mention that they even fit?!
- The fact that it's PAY DAY!
- The Bravery, Muse, The Killers, but most of all The Strokes "Someday" which came on Pandora and absolutely made my day!
- Finally buying the lotion I've been wanting for over a year, at a 40% discount!!

And the Pièce de résistance:

Telling the president of my company that my boss was on a conference call with Tom Petty (even though she wasn't, the name just sounded like the actual name of the guy she was on a call with that I couldn't remember... Tom Petty sounded familiar for some reason), having her laugh and say um... he's a famous rock star. To which I replied, leave it to me to say something stupid to you, you are kind of important, here... To which she replied that I could get away with it because of my awesome name! Granted, she does happen to share the same name as me... but I'm sure that little piece of info is irrelevant.

Yup. A pretty glorious day if I do say so myself!

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